(Source: Raycom media)On July 10 in Carterville

Now there a new program to help not only those kids, but their family too.Jefferson Elementary in Cape Girardeau is the pilot site for “Backpacks for Friday.”It a first at the school, and a first in southeast Missouri. The canada goose black friday sale hope is the endeavor doesn stop there.It all smiles as a group of women fills plastic bags canada goose uk shop with food with things like cereal, veggies and fruit and even canada goose coats on sale toothpaste.The goodies then make their way into black backpacks.For starters, 36 children at Jefferson Elementary will go home every Friday during the school year with a backpack. It geared to help feed them, and the rest of their family during the weekend.”I think there the possibility that will be added onto because there are more families that could use it,” said Mark Cook, Jefferson Elementary principal.With help from the Southeast Missouri Food canada goose jacket outlet Bank, The United Way and a local group called Graces Women Council, the program is canada goose outlet launched.”We know that school performance is directly linked to nutrition canada goose outlet online uk so this is a great way to take the food directly to the goose outlet canada child and let them carry it home,” said Karen Green, Executive Director of the Southeast Missouri Food Bank.”We provide canada goose outlet in usa canada goose coats 10 pounds of food for each of the children through the food bank and we can do this for $230 per child,” said Becky Kies, chairperson of Graces Women Council.She says that $230 is child per year. It something canada goose outlet toronto factory volunteers say is doable, and definitely needed.”Of course we hearing from all the agencies that we fund that provide basic needs about canada goose outlet store uk cheap canada goose how many people are coming to them right now for the first time,” said Nancy Jernigan, executive director of the United Way of Southeast Missouri.Principal Mark Cook says the child canada goose outlet reviews parents will come pick the backpacks up during school hours for now.”We excited because it the first time anything like this has happened and a lot of times the families need to know the support is there,” said Cook.The hope is to see this program grow.”The food bank serves 16 counties from Ste. Genevieve to Arkansas,” said cheap canada goose Green. “We love to see the program expand so we can offer to all the school districts because there a lot of hunger in southeast Missouri.”According to the Southeast Missouri Food Bank, 10 schools are already on the waiting list to get this program going.It could be coming to Sikeston as early as next month.Volunteers and donations are needed to keep and get these programs uk canada goose going.Contact the Southeast Missouri canadian goose jacket Food Bank at (573) 651 0400 for details on how you can help.2009 KFVS. This material may not be published, broadcast, canada goose outlet black friday rewritten, or redistributed.Democrats open campaign office in Carterville, ILDemocrats open campaign office in Carterville, ILUpdated: Tuesday, July 10 2018 9:07 PM EDT2018 07 11 01:07:00 GMTOn July 10 in Carterville, Illinois, the Democratic party opened a campaign office. It is considered crunch time with only 118 days left until buy canada goose jacket cheap the general elections in November.(Source: Raycom media)On July 10 in Carterville, Illinois, the Democratic party opened a campaign office. It is considered crunch time with only 118 days canada goose outlet nyc left until the general elections in November.(Source: Raycom media)On July canada goose outlet uk 10 in Carterville, Illinois, the Democratic party opened a campaign office. It is considered crunch time https://www.georg-godorr.de with only 118 days left until the canada goose clearance general elections in November.

Some women continue to have a large amount of discharge after

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