We are a nation under God and we do place our trust in him

“Trump’s had to contend with more than just “liberal media. ” The National Review a conservative icon has been trashing Trump, as has the Weekly Standard and The Wall Street Journal “conservative media “!You’d have to consider the possibility that the more Donald Trump is rejected by party elders and reviled by commentators and columnists, the more passionately he’s embraced by his supporters. “I mean, look how many people tried to stop him from getting a nomination, because they didn’t like what he was going to be doing, ” said Christopher Harvey, a member of the Texas delegation.

canada goose factory sale “Some express concern that Indiana’s RFRA law would lead to discrimination, but RFRA only provides a mechanism to address claims, not a license for private parties to deny services. Even a claim involving private individuals under RFRA must show that one’s religious beliefs were ‘substantially burdened’ and not in service to a broader government interest which preventing discrimination certainly is. The government has the explicit power under the law to step in and defend such interests,” he wrote.. canada goose factory sale

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Canada Goose Parka “I believe it is a dangerous threat to the independence of the judiciary. [Persky] has no record of bias or misconduct. And I’m opposed to it because I believe this recall is terrible for racial justice. HORSLEY: That idea of setting religion aside doesn’t fly in today’s Republican Party, and Romney doesn’t want it to. He told the Values Voters Summit in October, quote, “The effort to establish an anti religion in America, the anti religion of secularism has got to come to an end. We are a nation under God and we do place our trust in him.”. Canada Goose Parka

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Canada Goose Online Migrant children held in Texas facility need access to doctors, says attorneyHundreds of children at a migrant detention center in Texas are being held in “inhumane” conditions that amount to an “emergency public health crisis” and should be allowed immediate access to doctors, according to an attorney who gained rare access to the facility. Elora Mukherjee, the director of Columbia Law School immigrant rights clinic, was one of six attorneys to visit the detention center in Clint as part of ongoing litigation about an agreement that states unaccompanied children can be held in US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) facilities for more than 72 hours. Air Force secretive X 37B space plane in mid mission 210 miles over Earth surface Canada Goose Online.